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I am a pilgrim, sustained by Your Grace alone.


About Codex

Codex is a collection of essays that I have written over the past several years. They reflect my growth and maturation through the years. I readily admit that I, like all men, am subject to error. As I continue to be instructed by the Spirit, some of the ideas contained in these essays may no longer be held by me. Therefore, all of these essays are subject to revision and even removal from Per·Fidem.

on Faith


   #1 With All Your Heart - on the Greatest Commandment

  #2 Wash me Thoroughly - on repentance

  #3 Your Body and Blood - on Communion

The Church and Social Justice

De Simplicite

Just Human - A Confession

Where’s John?

On Atheism

Says Who? – The Need for an Absolute Source

On Reconciliation

on Politics and Government

On Secession

Capital Punishment

On the True Evil of Government Aid

In Defense of the South

The Four-Part Plan to Free Elections

The Consequences of Kelo

A Work in Progress

With Men this is Impossible

Community Involvement and the Ward Republic

Tocqueville on the Benefits of Religion to Democracy

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