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Our goal at Nerd Continuum is to create the most comprehensive listing of sites in Nerddom. If youíre a nerd, and you have a site, let us know and weíll list it here. Then, tell all the members of your own nerd herd about Nerd Continuum.

Naturally, we will not list just any site on Nerd Continuum. It must meet a few criteria first:

1. This goes without saying: it must be sufficiently nerdy. This is rather subjective, but suffice it to say, your fantasy football site canít be included, even if it does have a Star Trek theme. We, the operators of Nerd Continuum, will decide if the nerdiness of your site meets our nerd-standards.

2. It cannot be too geeky. There is a difference, albeit a subtle one. We define a nerd as one who doesnít quite fit in with norm society, is a bookworm, prefers the Discovery Channel to reality TV, and obsesses over things that norms consider to be immature or inconsequential. A geek is similar, but he is more interested in technology than classical philosophy or Norse mythology. Let me put it this way: if youíre excited about the new Captain America, youíre a nerd. If youíre excited about the new Mac operating platform, youíre a geek.

That being said, we will tolerate a bit of geekiness. After all, if you have created your own website, you have some geek tendencies, and thatís OK.

3. We donít want to seem hardcore about this, but we cannot allow a site that ridicules the Gospel of Christ to be listed. Weíre not saying you have to be a Christian, just respectful of Christianity. If youíre critical of Christianity, thatís OK. We might debate you, but we wonít ban you.

So, let us hear from you. If youíre really lucky, we might contact you first.

If you would like to join Nerd Continuum, email us with your link and a description of your site.

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