Poetry Per∑Fidem - Of eternal honor Ė March 6, 1836

Of eternal honor Ė March 6, 1836

O Muse,

give to me a song to sing.
Of patriotsí fight and heroesí death,
of trumpetís sound and bellís ring,

of eternal honor in glorious defeat.

May God bless men who fight by Honorís Rule,
for Liberty, for Justice, Right, and Soul.
To forget men of hallowed quality
abandons them to winterís darkened cold.

Every man come quickly to their aid!
This is no lost battle, no death of gods.
There is no need for tears, nor shouts, nor cries.
For on this morn we see the new age dawn.

We see the cannon along the battlements,
a sturdy block to tyrantís evil might.
Above the gate, the flag that flies so proud
demanding Liberty to be restored.

They fight again that ancient, sacred war,
and add their names and deeds to honored scrolls.
They fight, each man, with valor, faith and Truth.
Steely, they die defending holy Rights.

With heroes of long ago now they dine,
now brothers fighting, guarding Freedomís cause,
with ancient martyrs standing guard for Truth,
their memories a shrine to Honor form.

Let us rejoice in Life and honor death,
and let us live our lives by righteous Law.
Let us prepare our souls to pay that price.
For only thus is Freedomís Glory sure.

Let us not forget our debts,
let us never forget the cost.
Our freedom will surely suffer,
if ever is this story lost.

Dawn at the Alamo

Dawn at the Alamo - Henry Arthur McArdle (1836-1908)
From: Texas State Preservation Board

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