Poetry Per·Fidem - the pace you keep

the pace you keep

Melt me,
trap me,
it's too late.

Take me by your side,
and I'll say
you don't have to do this.

"But I want to.

A word of warning,
these sophists
and philistines
will try to complicate
to make themselves
seem smarter."

Pop a CD in the player,
dance in your seat,
thumb your nose
at the passing cars.

Thanks for making it my night.
Taking it at a pace
I find hard to keep up with.
I'm never more brilliant.

Have a piece of my cake,
pull the fork out of your mouth
every bit of taste.
The ice in my glass melts.

The first glance
is all it takes,
and we won't
keep track
of the losses.

SRV isn't your style,
Ezra isn't either.
How do we get along?

We fly by the skyscrapers
in the night,
you hang your head
out the window
and yell your accusations
at the night janitors,
as if they could hear you.

get out,
I've never been here before,
and you're pulling me by the arm.

Make up some lie
to tell the bouncer.
I say,
"Hey, you can't say
that to these guys,
didn't you see Roadhouse?"

The things you say,
I've never heard
like this before.

Get back where we started,
forget our names,

Melt me,
trap me,
it's never too late.

© Copyright 2002, Jason E. Heath
All rights reserved