Poetry Per·Fidem - Pale Lights

Pale Lights

Look into the clouded sky.
Night falls across distant hills,
These pale lights flicker and fly,
And she waits another hour.

She's waiting for a new song,
But she'll still dance to the old.
She wants what she knows is wrong,
But it's all she knows to do.

"I can't help what I am,"
She says in a certain voice,
Hiding the frightened lamb.
"I just need something new."

What she will say with a rhyme
She says without a reason.
She wants to dance for a dime,
And then forget what happens.

She's just like the one before.
She doesn't know where she stands.
She's scared, broken, and unsure,
And she hides it with beauty.

I'd write a song for her heart,
If only I were poetic.
I would play my little part,
To make her stay awake.

But she's too far gone for me,
Too far ahead to catch up.
I'll try to run up and see,
But, she'll find another way.

“Keep the music going,” She says.
And I'll stop talking.

© Copyright 2010, Jason E. Heath
All rights reserved